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It offers a well-equipped onsite laboratory for independent stability testing for the cosmetic industry. Stability testing is imperative to ensure that your product maintains its intended physical, chemical and microbiological quality. These properties are vital to establish the shelf life of your product.

Our laboratory staff has more than 60 years of combined experience in the cosmetics industry.

Why Use Stability Testing Services

Why Use Stability Testing Services?

Stability testing is done to ensure a new or modified product meets the intended physical, chemical and microbiological quality standards, as well as functionality and aesthetics, when stored under appropriate conditions.

When does my product need to be stability tested

When does my product need to be tested?

Stability testing should be primarily carried out on new product development. It is also critical to repeat new stability tests should you:

• change an ingredient or supplier;
• move to a new production site;
• change equipment or manufacturing procedure;
• scale up production from a smaller to larger batch;
• adopt new packaging;
• or if there is a change in regulations.

When does my product need to be stability tested

Basic stability testing

Basic stability testing starts off very simply to see how a product behaves in the short-term as a predictor for longer-term stability.  This includes freeze/thaw testing, centrifuge analysis and microscopic evaluation. Samples are held in hot environments for a short period, for example, a week, to see how they fare.  If that stage is passed, samples progress to a more standard protocol of 40°C, Room Temp and 40°C conditions over 12 weeks, which is equivalent to a 2-year shelf life – the recommended shelf life for a typical cosmetic.

Accelerated Stability Testing

Accelerated stability tests

These accelerated stability tests are normally used to put a product on the shelf quickly, but they should not replace real time stability where you validate that the accelerated stability testing does give you the shelf life that you have claimed on your packaging.  Real life stabilities should be carried out so that if you claim 2 years – you can prove that the shelf life actually is 2 years.

During stability testing, the product may be exposed to:

• Microbial challenges
• Freeze/thaw testing
• Centrifuge analysis
• Packaging compatibility

Have Confidence in your Claims and Promises

At this stage, there are no specific regulations governing stability testing. The value in stability testing lies in being able to put a product on the shelf that you are confident will remain stable and therefore be able to live up to the claims and promises made on the packaging.

Testing of stability should be carried out when an independent result is required, such as first production runs for a customer or if you do not have the equipment or space to store specific samples.

Stability testing is a manufacturer’s guarantee to the customer that they are delivering a quality product that they can trust.

Stabilty Testing Confidence

Our Team


(BSc Hons)

Project Manager

Ari has a Bachelor of Science Honours (BSc Hons) Degree in forensic science majoring in forensic science and analytical chemistry.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Manage various projects for product development and formulation.
  • Manage and report stability tests.
  • Assisting and performing lab analysis and formulating.
  • Client/customer liaison.


Botanichem Team | WELHEMINAH

Laboratory Assistant:
Stability Testing Services

Welheminah is a very competent Laboratory Assistant with 17+ years lab experience at companies such as Sharon Bolel and CJP Chemicals.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Making up of formulations
  • Stability testing of products