We’re About Ethical and Sustainable Ingredients

Plant Derived | Sustainable

Botanichem was established with the vision to be a reliable and affordable supplier of ingredients to the cosmetics industry. We have a particular focus on plant-derived cosmetic ingredients which support sustainable products, fair trade products and the global trend towards organic and safe products.

We work closely with our clients, whether it be on supplying a single ingredient, or collaborating on a new formulation, conducting stability testing or offering advice on regulatory matters. Our customers are the heartbeat of the business. We believe that our success as a company comes from personal service and the commitment to satisfy their needs.

Botanichem is a medium-sized enterprise providing technical, knowledge-based turn-key solutions to customers in the cosmetic and personal care industries. We are staffed by a group of professional, respectful, and approachable individuals passionate about the work we do, products supplied and customers we service. Our vision is to always be helpful, empathetic and reliable.

Centrally located, Botanichem is able to offer new and existing customers convenience.

Our relationships with several of the best ingredient suppliers in the world allows us, through these partnerships, to supply high quality product that add value to our customers’ businesses.

We actively seek to work with like-hearted customers and suppliers, who share our values, principles and aspirations. It is our belief that this synergy is the key to success.

With many years of experience in the industry, Botanichem has established itself as a leader and key player in our field of expertise. We pride ourselves on our ethics, proven track record, credible reputation and long-standing customer base, having forged firm partnerships with our customers

Botanichem is here to serve and deliver. We strive to make business beautiful and beautiful business.

Botanichem Mission

Botanichem provides a professional and ethical service founded on a strong foundation of technical expertise and ‘know how’. We are committed to understanding and working with our customers providing them with the best possible solutions to their needs.

We provide a turnkey cosmetic development which includes product conceptualisation, formulation and testing as well as assisting with other aspects including regulatory, manufacturing and marketing

As a supplier of primarily botanical, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients and through our partnerships with global suppliers, we are able to source the latest and most innovative products

We choose to work with customers and suppliers who are passionate and driven and share our values and principles

We choose to work with customers who are entrepreneurial, reliable, realistic and understanding

We aim to assist in creating formulations which are market-ready and strive to help make customers realise their dreams

Botanichem Values

Honesty and integrity

Growth of self, staff and customers

Committed, passionate and focussed

Approachable, reliable and knowledgeable

To meet and exceed expectations


Our Team


(NHD Microbiology, DIP Cosmetic Science)

Robyn has been involved in the cosmetics and toiletries industry for nearly 30 years. She has a National Higher Diploma in Microbiology and has worked extensively with the Cosmetic Society of South Africa having earned her Diploma as a Cosmetic Chemist cum laude. Robyn is well-known and respected nationally and internationally for her ingredient, formulation, technical and regulatory knowledge.

She is a member of CTFA Technical Committee involved in Regulation of Cosmetics in South Africa.

Robyn started Botanichem in 2006.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Ingredients
  • Product formulation
  • Regulatory

Email: info@botanichem.co.za


Internal Sales and Sampling

Friendly and helpful, Faith handles enquiries for ingredients needed in the cosmetic and personal care industry.

Key Areas of Expertise:

  • Customer liaison on actives and raw materials.
  • Sample selection – preparation and dispatch of samples requested for plant derived ingredients and actives.
  • Management of sales, invoicing and deliveries of ingredients and raw materials.