Product Development

We can provide a turnkey solution for established and new businesses. We assist with conceptualisation through to formulation, testing and compliance - whether it be for one product or an entire range.

Botanichem supplies ingredients, actives and raw materials to the skin, personal and hair care industry.

Stability Testing Services


Quality Assurance

Dossier Preparation for European and Asian Markets


Botanichem has secured agencies in some of the top chemical companies globally. In line with our commitment to plant-derived, organic and safe products with a conscience, we also have relationships with several alternative ingredient suppliers.

Botanichem Agencies | BASF

BASF Care Creations

BASF Care Creations is highly specialised and dedicated to the skin and personal care industry.

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Botanichem Agencies | Cobiosa


Manufactures and develops effective active ingredients for skin and hair cosmetic treatment with a focus on the production of botanical extracts from the Andean region and the extraction of natural active ingredients.

Botanichem Agencies | Zuplex


Zuplex is a South African manufacturer of clinically tested active extracts using African botanicals. Zuplex’s primary market focus is on cosmetic extracts.

Botanichem Agencies | Sunjin


Sunjin is based in Korea and has been a leading ingredient supplier to the cosmetic and chemical industry for more than 40 years. It is the first Korean cosmetic material company certified by the FDA.

Botanichem Agencies | Kupanda


Kupanda focuses on high-value, esoteric, natural products from various regions in Africa, that serve as active and functional ingredients for use in the beauty & personal care, and food & beverages industries.

Botanichem Agencies Jaka


JAKA (formerly known as GREAF) provides professional skincare solutions by focusing on the fields of plant extraction, fermentation and synthesis. Their Cosmos approved ingredients focus on moisturising, anti-ageing, acne and scalp care.


Organic Bioactives

Organic Bioactives is a New Zealand based company which is focused on marketing and distributing premium native bioactives, harvested using traditional practices to the global cosmetic markets.

Our Reviews

I loved every moment of working with the team at Botanichem. I’ve never experienced such transparency with manufacturers through each step of the process. It really feels like they want the best for each and every product that is manufactured. Every single adjustment I’ve needed for samples, ingredients and costing has been carefully considered and they are excellent at communicating their progress and concerns, which makes for an all-round feeling of trust and being supported through what can be a very daunting process. Thank you, team. Bush Wellness loves you!!

These ladies know their business extremely well. If you are interested in high quality raw ingredients for cosmetic products, or need a formulation or stability test done, Robyn and her staff are more than capable to assist you.